The experienced team at Great Lakes Physio offer advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis methods and are trained in leading-edge treatment and rehabilitation techniques.

Sport Injuries.

As sport injury experts, we help those suffering with sprains, strains and contusions to get back in the game.

Aches and Pains.

Our expertise in aches and pains helps us treat back and neck pain, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, and jaw problems.

Work Injuries.

Our knowledge of work related injury keeps our patients on the tools, minimising the development of further problems, and helping prevent recurrences.

After surgery care.

Our one-on-one or group rehabilitation sessions help patients recovering from joint replacement or surgery to get back to loving and living life.

Restoring Balance.

We support patients with balance and spatial awareness issues, providing vestibular rehabilitation to keep them on their feet.


In cases of nervous system injury, our expertise, care, and support helps rehabilitate and empower patients to become as independent as possible.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Great Lakes Physio is pleased to offer the PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program, dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and sense of wellbeing of women diagnosed with cancer.

Our physiotherapists use leading-edge, evidence-based techniques and innovative technology to successfully assess, manage and treat your injury.

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