Our physiotherapists use leading-edge, evidence-based techniques and innovative technology to successfully assess, manage and treat your injury.

Manipulative Physiotherapy

As the only APA titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists practicing in the Great Lakes region; our highly-trained, expert team employ mobilisation techniques and manipulation of the spine and joints to relieve pain and improve a patient’s function.

Spinal Care

When back pain becomes a roadblock that stops our patients doing the things they love, we offer a specifically tailored management plan. From education and advice to manual therapy and exercise, we help reduce pain and get our patients moving again.

Joint / Muscle Pain

For some patients, joint and muscle pain is a daily reality. Our goal is to alleviate pain and get patients back to doing the what they love. To do this we use advanced techniques including massage, trigger point release, deep connective tissue release, electrotherapy and exercise.


Active Rehabilitation

Active Rehabilitation is crucial for patients recovering from most injuries or surgery. Our team are highly trained in the latest rehabilitation protocols and work closely with a patient’s surgeon to ensure the treatment and support we provide will get them moving again.

Posture Assessment

Our physiotherapy team are experts in Posture Analysis. They evaluate a patient’s posture at rest and on the move and are able to advise patients how to get the most out of their bodies; be it in the surf, on the course, at work, or simply sitting comfortably.

Balance training and re-education

Physiotherapy is incredibly effective in treating vertigo and balance conditions. Our expert physiotherapists offer the latest Vestibular and Neurological Rehabilitation and vertigo treatments to help patients get steady on their feet and moving freely again.


We offer Acupuncture and Dry Needling as an effective treatment for patients suffering from aches and pains. This technique can help relieve pain in the lower back, neck, shoulder and knee, and may be used to treat headaches and muscle pain.


Great Lakes Physio are pain and movement experts. Our goal is to find the source of pain and resolve the issue, helping to get you moving and doing all the things you enjoy.

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